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No one expects to get diagnosed with an unpronounceable disease like Essential Thrombocythemia, Polycythemia Vera or Myelofibrosis - let alone a chronic, rare cancer!

But you do have the power to make the best of your situation. 

Whether you've recently been diagnosed, or you’re seeking more information on how to best manage your PV, ET or MF, help is available for you and and your loved ones. 

Patient Advocacy

The Canadian MPN Network (CMPNN) is a patient-led organization committed to improving the lives of all Canadians living with MPNs - through patient advocacy, patient support groups, and patient communication. They also work with the Canadian MPN medical community to provide a patient's perspective and to collaborate on on effective communications.


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Upcoming Events

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Patients' Stories

Read about one patient's journey from pre-diagnosis

to life today - and all the stages in between. 



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