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Providing education and resources for a better today.

Investing in research for a better tomorrow.

Our mission is to stimulate original Canadian research in pursuit of new treatment options -- and ultimately a cure -- for the blood cancers collectively known as myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).   

Sole 2 Soul for MPN

The Canadian MPN Research Foundation, along with its partners, have created the Sole 2 Soul for MPNs adventure hiking program. This is an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for MPN research. Participants will embark on an inspirational, life changing, and community building hiking adventure, for patients with MPN blood cancers, their loved ones, survivors, advocates, and medical professionals. The empowering hiking adventure offers participants an opportunity to redefine what’s possible after a cancer diagnosis, while joining a welcoming team that challenges their personal limits and widens their circle of support.

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