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Maxwell Hitswell Charity Invitational In Support of CMPNRF

The 3rd Annual Maxwell Hitswell Charity Invitational in support of MPN research is happening September 24th!

MPN community member Maxwell has started a new birthday tradition - running a softball tournament to raise money for MPN research. He explains, "MPN research is a cause that is very close to me and my family. My mother has spent the last 11 years learning to live with essential thrombocytosis (or essential thrombocythemia), a rare form of blood cancer. As a charity event “The Hitswell” has done better every year and this year I’ve set my sights on a lofty goal."

In its first year, the tournament raised $100, which grew to $215 in the second year. This year, he hopes to reach an ambitious target of $750.

If you can support Maxwell in reaching his goal and supporting MPN research through the Canadian MPN Research Foundation, please visit his CanadaHelps fundraising page.

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